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    Eliza Mendez

    Program Director, Norton Inc.

    "Ann is my financial advisor for over 7 years and has never let me down. She proves her professionalism each time she deals with my issues, always in time and at reasonable prices. Ann is extremely efficient in helping with my business and individual financial planning. If you are looking for long-term financial security, PPG Financial is the right place."

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    Amanda Peterson

    Marketing Director, Fresh Food Co.

    "These guys got my financial life in order for me a few years ago and, to this day, are happy to respond to my inquiries. Indeed, I am their least organized client, but rather than be frustrated with my awful administrative skills, the guys at PPG Financial have become trusted friends. When it comes to handling my money and offering important advice, I wouldn’t use anybody else."

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    Allen Stone

    Project Manager, ISPP

    "I have recommended Ann Perry to everybody. She is very competent and always attentive to the details of my cases. Ann gives a great deal of care and always offers well-thought-out and helpful advice. She can deal with complicated financial issues in no time. Thanks a lot!"

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    Jeffrey Bates


    "Each financial case is unique and individual but the guys at PGG Financial pay maximum attention to my special needs and requirements. I am highly impressed with their professionalism and the level of customer service every time they deal with my financial challenges. Thank you for a good job! I will definitely recommend you to everyone."